What is svend press and how is it a good exercise?

What is the svend press?  The Svend press is also known as the pinch press exercise. It is a very effective exercise for building a stronger and bigger chest. Why is it known as Svend Press? In 2001, the exercise named the name of the World’s Strongest Man winner Svend Karlsen, who invented this exercise which proved so effective. It can work wonders with only 20lb and below.

Isolating the chest muscles and adding more training volume to the svend press can increase muscle gain. Many other chest exercises like bench presses, dumbbell flyes, and push-ups cannot give you the chest you want because these exercises are slow and less effective.

But the Svend press is more effective and can give you a better chest than other exercises. This healthy and fruitful exercise can easily be done at home and the gym.

How can Svend Press do?

This exercise is done by taking two plates. From which a minimum of one plate should have weight. Squeezing these plates together in the palms at chest height, then push your hands slowly outward. And then push your hands against the plate. A detailed guide for  doing the Svend press is given below:

Step 1:

With your palms, pinch two, five, seven, or ten-pound plates together tightly. Press the two plates against the chest while standing and keeping your shoulders back squeezed. And make it ensure that the plates are pressed together firmly as possible. You should be able to sense your chest muscles functioning on some days with the setup attitude.

Step 2:

Progressively stretch the arms wide until the elbows are stretched. And keep plates firmly pressed together. Your chest must narrow so firmly that it’s practically painful at this phase. Note that you only use a maximum of twenty pounds, so relax and systematically.

How do muscles work?

Maybe you are seeking additional chest exercises when you are at home. Absolutely if you are attempting to improve your upper-body cubic strength,  then a fitness regimen is needed, and it does not require a bench. Only the svend press gives you all benefits with all requirements.

Primary Muscles affected by this exercise:

  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Front deltoids

Now let’s talk about some common concerns.

First, Is it possible to perform the Svend press using kettlebells?

Of course, you can easily do a Svend press with kettlebells. But, it is suggested that you begin with the dumbbells, plates, or cables.

Is Svend press better for your chest development?

Nothing beats a decent, hefty press regarding building chest size and power.

And last, what can you do if the Svend press injures the shoulders and arms?

First and important is to quit performing the Svend press, go over the appropriate Svend press method again, and get full training first.

What are some tips for doing svend press?

  • Move in a horizontal position and avoid a vertical one.
  • You can easily merge the plates with simple chest work.
  • Always use one lighter plate and one heavy plate to get the best result from the svend press.
  • You should always go after some warm-up exercises before starting your svend press exercise.
  • Slowly move your arms and bring them back to avoid straining.
  • You should keep the reps between 10 and 20 to get better and faster results.
  • Anything is better, from 10 to 20 lbs, for this exercise. But, if you cannot lift it properly, you should not hesitate to reduce it.

What are the advantages of the svend press?

  • It is an excellent technique to reduce stress on the shoulders
  • It can improve chest muscular growth.
  • It’s a beautiful alternative for domestic chest exercise.
  • Svend press is a low-cost exercise.
  • This exercise does not require any specific equipment.
  • It is a good exercise to build muscle while not overworking.
  • You should try the best technique because if you are not utilizing the ideal techniques, the result will be in the shape of an injury.
  • It is one of the chest workouts which don’t require the use of the table.
  • It’s a unique and best approach to strengthening your chest and front deltoids.
  • Essentially, it maintains continual muscular tension for an extended amount of time.

What are some alternatives to Svend Press?

  • Dumbbell svend press

If you training in your garage gym and don’t have access to weights, plates, or barbells, then you can perform the Svend press using a dumbbell. To perform this, grab the dumbbell’s handle with both hands. You should squeeze the dumbbell handle hardly as possible and press with full strength.

  • Incline Bench Svend Press

The incline bench Svend press is one of the great exercises for the chest’s upper pieces for those with weak muscles. Set your incline bench at a 65-degree angle to the floor. Plant your feet firmly on the floor and place your back against the inclined pad. Hold a 3 or 5-pound weight plate in each hand and then press them against each other. Press the weight plates towards the ceiling with full force. Then return slowly to starting position and repeat this process.

  • Hex Press

The Hex press is performed on a flat bench. In your starting position, grab a dumbbell in each hand while sitting on the edge of a flat bench. Lay down and hold the dumbbells over your chest. Press the dumbbells hardly as you can and then tuck your elbows in your sides. Push the weights up over your chest. During the exercise, make sure you are actively pressing the dumbbells together. Then slowly lower the dumbbells.


The Svend Press is a chest-toning exercise done by pressing two heavy plates. It can boost your chest. So it is better than other hard exercises such as pushups, running, and dips. And it will do much for the best chest growth. It is a lesser-known chest exercise. However, many bodybuilders swear by it. You might improve your mind-muscle through this exercise. In the end, it may aid in the development of strength. It can also apply pressure to your chest. Regular exercise will help you improve your mind-muscle.

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